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Playing as Ness
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Earthboundly Items

Foods & Condiments

Here are some of the foods and condiments in Earthbound. For the most part, any food that Poo eats will only recover 6 of his HP, unless noted in the comments section.

Food Price HP/PP Recovery Comments
Bag of Fries $8 HP 24 Sold in Burger Shops
Banana $5 HP 25 Sold in Burglin Park, or "stolen" at Happy Happy Village
Bean Croquette $12 HP 42 Sold in Scaraba
Beef Jerky $70 HP 150 Sold in Winters & Scaraba
Boiled Egg $9 HP 42 Held by Jeff
Bottle of DX Water $198 PP 1 Recovers 40 PP for Poo
Bottle of Water $4 PP 1 Recovers 10 PP for Poo
Bowl of Rice Gruel $88 HP 216 Sold in Dalaam
Brain Food Lunch $800 HP 300/PP 50 Fully Recovers Poo's HP & PP
Bread Roll $12 HP 30 ***
Calorie Stick $18 HP 60 ***
Can of Fruit Juice $4 HP 6 ***
Chef's Special $298 HP 216 Sold Only in Summers
Cookie $7 HP 6 First food item you'll find
Croissant $18 HP 60 Good to have in Happy Happy Village & Threed
Cup of Coffee $6 HP 12 You're a little too young to drink this
Cup of Noodles $98 HP 42 Expensive and not very effective
Double Burger $24 HP 96 Handy in Fourside
Fresh Egg $12 HP 84 Keep until it hatches and becomes a Chicken
Gelato De Resort $49 HP 30 Sold only in Summers
Hamburger $14 HP 48 Very handy in Onett & Twoson
Kabob $54 HP 126 Sold only at the bazaar in Scaraba
Kraken Soup $648 HP FULL Completely refills everyone's HP (not Poo)
Large Pizza $238 HP 240 Everyone recovers HP (except Poo), must be delivered
Lucky Sandwich 128 -- Random effect
Luxury Jerky $210 HP 300 Sold only in the Lost Underworld
Magic Pudding $680 PP 40 Sold only in Magicant; even Poo recovers 40 PP
Magic Tart $480 PP 20 Sold only in Summers; even Poo recovers 20 PP
Magic Truffle -- PP 80 Search for in Deep Darkness; even Poo recovers 80 PP
Mammoth Burger $98 HP 204 Buy in the Lost Underworld
Molokheiya Soup $20 HP 84 Sold only in Scaraba
Pasta Di Summers $128 HP 108 Sold only in Summers
Peanut Cheese Bar $22 HP 108 Sold in Saturn Village
Picnic Lunch $24 HP 84 Good early in the game
Piggy Jelly $222 HP 300 Sold only in Saturn Valley
Pizza $48 HP 120 Must be delivered to you
Plain Roll -- HP 24 Receive in a trade at Tenda Village
Plain Yogurt -- HP 168 Receive in a trade at Tenda Village
Popsicle $7 HP 18 Purchased only in Dusty Dunes Desert
Protein Drink $38 HP 84 Useful early in the game
PSI Caramel -- PP 20 Even Poo recovers 20 PP
Royal Iced Tea $78 HP 60 Sold only in Summers
Skip Sandwich $38 HP 6 Walk very fast for 10 seconds
Skip Sandwich DX $98 HP 6 Walk very fast for 20 seconds
Spicy Jerky $140 HP 252 Trade for in Tenda Village

Condiment Price Use with
Carton of Cream $ 4 Banana, Lucky Sandwich, Popsicle, Trout Yogurt
Jar of Delisauce $300 Any food
Jar of Hot Sauce $3 Cup of Noodles, Pasta Di Summers, Pizza
Ketchup Packet $2 Bag of Fries, Bean Croquette, Beef Jerky, Croissant, Double Burger, Fresh Egg, Hamburger, Kabob, Luxury Jerky, Magic Truffle, Mammoth Burger, Spicy Jerky
Salt Packet $2 Boiled Egg, Brain Food Lunch, Chef's Special, Picnic Lunch
Sprig of Parsley $2 Peanut Cheese Bar, Piggy Jelly, Rice Gruel
Sugar Packet $3 Bread Roll, Calorie Stick, Magic Pudding, Magic Tart, Plain Yogurt, PSI Caramel, Rock Candy
Tin of Cocoa $4 Cookie, Gelato De Resort, Plain Roll, Skip Sandwich, Skip Sandwich DX