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Playing as Ness
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Earthboundly Items

Other Items

Here are some of the other items you can find on Earthbound, which includes medicine, and items used as weapons.

Medicine Price Comments
Cold Remedy $22 Cures a cold
Guts Capsule -- Permanently increases Guts by 1
Horn of Life $1780 Cures unconsciousness and any other status ailments
IQ Capsule -- Permanently increases IQ by 1
Luck Capsule -- Permanently increases Luck by 1
Refreshing Herb $80 Cures a cold, sunstroke, crying, poison, feeling strange, and nausea
Rock Candy -- Permanently increases a random attribute by 1
Secret Herb $380 Cures all status ailments and cures unconsciousness
Speed Capsule -- Permanently increases Speed by 1
Vitality Capsule -- Permanently increases Vitality by 1
Vial of Serum $58 Cures poison
Wet Towel $24 Cures sunstroke

Miscellaneous Items
Item Price Comments
ATM Card -- Needed to withdraw of deposit cast at ATMs
Backstage Pass -- Use at Chaos Theater
Bad Key Machine -- Opens locked doors or locks
Bag of Dragonite -- Turn into a dragon for a single attack against your enemies
Bazooka -- Used by Jeff. Used to hit multiple enemies with a single attack
Bicycle -- Travel faster; only one person can ride at a time
Big Bottle Rocket $139 Used by Jeff. Stronger than a Bottle Rocket
Bomb $149 Used to hit multiple enemies with a single attack
Bottle Rocket $29 Used by Jeff. Hits one enemy during battle
Brain Stone -- Keeps you from being held in battle
Bubble Gum $1 Give it to the Bubble Monkey
Carrot Key -- Moves rabbit statues guarding Pink Cloud
Chick -- If kept for a while, it becomes a Chicken
Chicken -- Sell for cash. Will escape if you use it
Contact Lens -- Exchange at second floor of Fourside Bakery for Pair of Dirty Socks
Counter-PSI Unit -- Used by Jeff. Counters enemies PSI attacks
Cup of Life Noodles -- Cures all status ailments, and fully recovers an unconscious party member
Defense Shower -- Used by Jeff. Increases defense of all allies
Defense Spray $500 Increases one persons defense
Diamond -- Used to pay off Runaway Five's debt in Fourside
Eraser Eraser -- Used to erase the eraser shaped statue at Stonehenge
Exit Mouse -- Leads you to the entrance of caves or mazes
For Sale Sign -- Attract customers to buy items at any time
Franklin Badge -- Deflects Thunder attacks
Hand-Aid -- Fully recovers HP
Handbag Strap -- Freezes an enemy during battle
Hawk Eye -- Use to lighten up Deep Darkness
Heavy Bazooka -- Used by Jeff. Stronger than bazooka
Hieroglyph Copy -- Explains how to open Pyramid
HP-Sucker -- Used by Jeff. Absorbs an enemy's HP and recovers Jeff's
Hungry HP-Sucker -- Used by Jeff. Absorbs all enemies HP and recovers Jeff's
Insecticide Spray $19 Spray on insect type monsters
Jar of Fly Honey -- Use against Master Belch to keep him from attacking
Key to the Cabin -- Use to rescue Paula from mountain cabin in Peaceful Rest Valley
Key to the Locker -- A bent key that doesn't open anything
Key to the Shack -- Opens the door at the traveler's shack in Onett
Key to the Tower -- Use to enter Dungeon Man
King Banana -- Give to K. Man K in Monkey Cave to move him
Meteorite Piece -- Needed for the third Phase Distorter
Meteornium -- Sell for a good price
Meteotite -- Sell for a good price
Monkey's Love -- Freezes an enemy during battle; can be used many time
Multi Bottle Rocket $2139 Used by Jeff. Does a lot of damage to one enemy
Mummy Wrap -- Freezes an enemy during battle
Neutralizer -- Used by Jeff. Removes an enemy's PSI effects during battle
Pair of Dirty Socks -- Freezes an enemy during battle
Pencil-Eraser -- Erases Pencil-shaped statues
Pharaoh's Curse -- Poison's an enemy during battle
Picture Postcard $2 No effect
Piggy Nose $300 Use when searching for Magic Truffles
Protractor $2 Use to get an angle of things during battle
Receiver Phone 0 Receive important calls, like from Apple Kid, or your dad
Ruler $2 Use to size up things during battle
Rust Promoter $89 Use against mechanical enemies
Rust Promoter DX $289 Stronger than Rust Promoter
Shield Killer -- Used by Jeff. Destroys an enemy's shield
Show Ticket $30 Ticket for the Topolla Theater
Shyness Book -- Cures the Tenda tribes people of shyness
Signed Banana -- Give to Fourside Museum curator to enter Fourside Sewers
Slime Generator -- Used by Jeff. Freezes an enemy during battle
Snake $220 Use in battle to poison enemy
Snake Bag $290 Holds many snakes
Sound Stone -- Records melodies of "Your Sanctuary" locations
Stag Beetle $8 Freezes an enemy during battle
Sudden Guts Pill $500 Increases Guts during battle
Super Bomb $399 Same as Heavy Bazooka
Super Plush Bear $1198 Absorbs damage from enemy attacks. Stronger than Teddy Bear
Suporma -- Plays a song about the Orange Kid
Teddy Bear $178 Absorbs damage from enemy attacks.
Tendakraut -- Use to enter Underground Tenda Village
Tiny Ruby -- Used to enter hieroglyph room in Summers Museum
Toothbrush $3 Freezes an enemy during battle
Town Map -- Views a town's layout
Trout Yogurt -- Recovers 30 HP, while Poo recovers only 6 HP
Viper $550 Poisons an enemy during battle
Wad of Bills -- Pays off debt of Runaway Five in Twoson Theater
Xterminator Spray $630 Eliminates all insect type monsters in battle
Yogurt Dispenser -- Give to maid to access 48th floor of Monotoli Building
Zombie Paper -- Attracts Zombies and traps them, used to enter path to Grapefruit Falls